Client Experience

RBZane Advisor’s consulting engagements provide comprehensive analytics, insights, and executable solutions for establishments throughout the U.S.. Our clients are commercial enterprises, private investors and public sector entities seeking an objective assessment and executable recommendations and action plans. RBZane insures consistent results via 1) thorough assessment and analysis of each client’s specific requirements 2) developing and executing clearly defined deliverables 3) ensuring a collaborative team effort with a laser focus on results 4) accountability and alignment with client objectives to ensure all their expectations are surpassed.

  • Provided the required data for the acquisition of a $30M technology business unit. Following the purchase, RBZane developed and implemented successful sales and marketing strategies, and assisted in hiring key personnel.
  • Through a multi phase comprehensive assessment and analysis RBZane developed a 5 year Business Plan to expand and grow a Level 3 technology services Business Unit.  The plan was approved, but the BU was acquired by a competitor.
  • Developed and implemented direct sales model and marketing support for Ascendent Communications. Our involvement contributed to the company being acquired. 
  • Developed consulting services, go-to-market strategy, support programs, and marketing materials for Symantec.
  • Enabled BMC Software to determine the future of a software product focused on the BC industry.
  • Developed comprehensive IT and recovery strategies for numerous Clients including Symantec, Informatica and Ryerson.
  • Successfully launched and implemented proprietary RBZane Recovery Requirements Definitions (RRD) offering. Client recipients include Willdan Group, Donahue & Schriber, CARDIAN/BCT, Trizetto, Santa Clara University and Informatica.
  • Assisting clients in identifying, hiring and training key personnel.



RBZane clients Include:

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