Aligned with today’s challenging and changing business environment and each client’s specific requirements, RBZane Advisory Group provides comprehensive consulting solutions to varied business issues. Our 200 years cumulative experience and expertise manifests in a straight forward analytic assessment of requirements and specific, executable solutions. In collaboration with our clients we insure “unfiltered” customer feedback via customized questionnaires and interviews. Especially today, our clients need reliable and timely information to make difficult decisions. Providing our clients with a “full deck” and a "real world" perspective enable management to successfully navigate the current economy and insure future growth.
There are four (4) critical ingredients required to insure each engagement's success: 1) objective data collection and analysis 2) unfiltered customer feedback 3) comprehensive market and competitive analysis and 4) the experience and expertise provided by the RBZane Advisory Group team.

These critical components, combined with RBZane's ability to effectively interact at all levels within any organization, ensures a clear understanding of the engagement scope and deliverables. This enables us to provide specific recommendations and measurable, executable action plans to effectively address requirements and opportunities. 

Through our proven assessment process, we are able to tell our clients why they are successful, and why they are not, from a marketplace, internal and customer perspectives. This insight provides a solid understanding of the root cause of inhibitors, prior to the commitment of additional resources. This critical process is accomplished without emotion, spin or politics.  

In addition, as a result of the MRD engagement, the data and information collected can provide a data base which will help insure the appropriate input and influence on future business decisions. The MRD engagement includes, but is not limited to the following focus:
  • General
    • Business plan review, assessment and recommendations
    • Product/service offerings review and recommendations
    • IT organization, technology and infrastructure review
    • Product development-methodology and process review
    • Measurements - financial sales
    • Contracts and other vital legal document review
  • Business Development
    • Marketing programs and collateral material review
    • Competitive analysis and recommendations
    • Compensation plan assessment and recommendations
    • Alliances/partner assessment and recommendations
    • Sales programs review, assessment and recommendations
    • Channels: go-to-market model review and assessment
  • Personnel
    • Organization and personnel review and recommendations
    • Job description review and recommendations
    • Performance planning and evaluation process review and recommendations
    • Training programs and requirements
  • Direct Customer Feedback Analysis and Recommendations

Following are examples of Reports that will help facilitate ongoing disciplined management decisions:



Market Standings Wins and losses to completion
Reasons Analysis of the reasons for product selections (competition).
Criteria Assesses the key criteria customers use in their selection process
Strengths and Weaknesses

Reports related to the vendors

Market share % Market share % measured against prior periods
Trends analytics Changes in data compared to prior periods


In Summary, the MRD Deliverables provide RBZane clients the following benefits:

  • RBZane has the expertise and relationships to execute each client engagement with unique insight – “been there, done that” - proven success and experience, especially in an uncertain economy, are essential and a prerequisite for success!
  • Direct client feedback ensures candid and unfiltered information
  • All data and "IP" collected enables clients to make fact-based, knowledgeable decisions
  • The data base repository provides the necessary information to enable management to make disciplined future decisions.
  • RBZane’s approach is aligned with all stakeholder objectives, resulting in flexible fee based and equity contract agreements.

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