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  • California Department of Health.
  • Bank of Butterfield
  • State of California Personnel Board
  • Granite Bank
  • California Alcohol Drug Program
  • California Employment Development
  • California State Lottery
  • Provident Credit Union
  • San Mateo Credit Union
  • California Department of Transportation
  • Marconi Communications
  • Verizon
  • US Department of the Navy
  • US State Department
  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • Digital Equipment Corp.
  • Tymeshare Incorporated


Mr. Orlove’s experience includes the following:

  • 28 years of project and engagement management experience in technical and non-technical domains
  • HIPAA Security Rule compliance work (California DHS, EDD & ADP)
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning for large enterprises (Provident Credit Union, California Lottery, CalTrans, OSHPD, DHS)
  • Practical technical skills and experience (e.g. designed and managed the implementation for a complex 48 node ATM infrastructure and implementation for a 600 node frame relay/DSL interstate retail network)
  • International Security Management experience (e.g. managed an international network security installation that encompassed 17 countries and provided direct secure communication for General Schwarzkopf in Desert Storm, Bank of Butterfield ISO 17799 Risk Assessment)
  • MBA (Valedictorian) with extensive real-world knowledge of complex business models
  • Assistant Director ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) Northern California and ex-President (2004 to 2005) Association of Sacramento Area Planners
  • Previous US and NATO Top Secret (DOD, USN, USAF) clearances
  • Java-based software platform for managing and governing critical enterprise mandate programs covering IT Governance, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO 9002, Six Sigma, HIPAA, GLBA and Business Continuity
  • Product Marketing –Developed product features and functionality mapping to compliance initiatives and requirements.
  • Business and Market Development Planning and Execution


  • HIPAA Security Rule compliance for California DHS, ADP and EDD with an excess of $4.4 MM annual budget
  • CalPERS Hotsite development with a project budget in excess of $40 MM
  • Developed the Disaster Recovery and Hot Site plans for the California Lottery
  • VP of Product Development and Marketing – Comdisco Disaster Recovery Services
  • Developed the IT Disaster Recovery Plan for large financial organizations
  • Lead Engineer & Project Manager of a team responsible for producing a Business Continuity Plan for CalTrans, completed the entire project four months ahead of schedule releasing over $73 million in IT funding
  • Designed and project managed a 48-site ATM infrastructure build-out for an emerging CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
  • Managed some of the development stages of new product lines with both telephony and data convergence elements over the public internet and established an implementation program for the field to follow
  • Project managed a global secure email system for all the Middle Eastern US Embassies, enabling transport of highly secure voice and critical


  • Masters of Business Administration, ’93 Class Valedictorian, Nova University Bachelors of Science in Marketing Management, Minor in Communication, San Jose State University Graduated with Great Distinction.

    Training in: Network Design, Internet applications and solutions, CERT guide to system and network security practices, Internetworking Technologies, Incident Response, Ethical Hacking, Business Redundancy Strategies, HIPAA Privacy & Security and Disaster Recovery

    • Certifications from: SANS Institute’s Global Information Assurance Certification with a concentration in HIPAA Security, ISC2 CISSP # 29147 & CISSA, from DRII CBCP # 5053, Sacramento Police Department CERT, from ISACA CISM # 403042 Cisco Systems CCNA & CCDA, Marconi (Fore) LAN & WAN & ATM, Cabletron, 3M, Compaq Computers – DEC Alpha & VAX, Sacramento Emergency Response Team, VP ISSA, ASAP ex-President



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